Resortes Argentina S.A.I.C., in its manufacturing plant located in Córdoba city, elaborates many different springs, wire forms and special solutions according to its particular application and tailored to customer’s needs.

Since 1961, it has participated in the Argentine market, mainly supplying the industrial sectors, including automotive industry (OEM) and its suppliers, also shipping for export.

We have the technology for manufacturing valve springs (normal and performance markets), for automotive and truck engines, wire forms for gearboxes, suspension of truck’s cabs, springs for shock absorbers, safety systems, steering ends, parts and stampings.

Our products are aimed to the following markets:


– Automotive (OEM, Replacement when allowed, Performance)
– Home appliances
– Electrical Equipment
– Electronic and communications equipment
– Agricultural machinery industry
– Aerospace and military industry
– Medical Equipment
– Oil industry
– Communications
– Others

We export to countries like:

Brazil / Germany / USA / Colombia / others

Resortes Argentina S.A.I.C. has modern updated equipment, that allows us to implement solutions aimed to exceed customer’s expectations. Management’s system is certified in ISO 9001-2015, IATF 16949-2016 and ISO 14001-2015